Manzoor Ali Khan Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan was born in a noble family of Rampur, on July 1st in 1937 in India. He migrated to Pakistan in December 1947 and settled in Karachi. He was a self-made person as his family was also among those honorable families, which had left all the assets behind in India and came empty handed just for the sake of their beloved country Pakistan. Manzoor Ali Khan’s father was a landlord and his mother was the daughter of famous historian, poet and writer Najam Ul Ghani Khan Rampuri, who had authored more than thirty two books and some of those books are still the part of courses in educational institutes of the country. Manzoor Ali Khan had a phenomenal personality, and was an institution himself. He graduated from S.M Arts college in 1956 and then passed L.L.B in 1959 and started practicing with his maternal uncle Shams ul Ghani Khan , who was a renowned lawyer in Services Matters in Pakistan.

Manzoor Ali Khan Advocate got registered in Chief Court of Sindh which is now called Sindh High Court, in 1961. His three cases had been reported in PLD just in the first year of his practice in High Court, which was a huge success as a young and fresh lawyer then. In 1981, he got enrolled in Supreme Court Of Pakistan. He had some very famous cases which became the part of law books. He was considered as an authority on Civil Services Matters( Civil Servant/Labour Laws) and enjoyed the fame of the country’s best lawyer in Civil Services Matters as hundreds of cases are now published in different law books. He had also been Scout Commissioner for development and legal affairs and International Commissioner in Pakistan Boy Scout Association. He was given Silver Camel Award as recognition of his hard work and dedication. Manzoor Ali Khan Advocate will always be remembered as a legendary personality in the legal fraternity.